Fraudulent Dating Sites

What to look for in a scammer

Research shows that scammers don’t have too much of an emotional or romantic desire for you. So there is less need to fake it in their communication. The online scammer will try to appeal to your emotions to get you to do what he wants.

Resist the urge to “fall in love” with your scammer. That’s a mistake that can destroy you. After all, you’re only getting involved with someone who may not be who they say they are.

After you have established an online relationship, the scammer’s goal will be to gain your trust and get you to leave your home. Often, this will start by asking you for money.

When a scammer convinces you that they’re in love with you, it is very easy to fall for their false story.

Types of scams out there

There are two major categories that can be found on the Internet and dating sites these days.

1. Christian Couple Scams

2. Jewish Couple Scams

The different from other frauds on the Internet are these two. They seek your trust from a very tender age. Usually, you can spot these couples within the first weeks of an Internet or dating relationship. There’s nothing that more clearly puts a couple together on the first meet or they will be in a relationship. These couples will only spend time together until they’ve gained your trust and convinced you of a new true love.

In these two scams, the scammer starts a friendship right away, even though he or she has never even spoken or even seen the other person’s photo or name.

Why do people fall for scams?

Internet dating scams rely on the trust people have in others. Men and women have just enough information to be able to make a quick decision. People are very trusting and they fall for these scams because they feel as though the person is interested in them, even though they know nothing about the person. Someone might actually fall in love with a person they met on the Internet.

How can you spot a romance scam?

If someone has extremely good photos, is intelligent, seems to have their life together, and is looking for someone long-term, that person has likely been swindled by romance scammers. People on social media sites share photos of their lives and families. In the wrong hands, this information can be used to start a conversation with you.

How to avoid being scammed

Always meet the person face-to-face in a public place.

Speak in detail about yourself. There is no point in initiating a relationship if you don’t have a good impression of your date.

Make sure your family and friends are aware of your new relationship. They can be a great source of support if you ever need them.

Communicate and communicate some more. When you start a conversation, think it out. Keep looking for gaps in their stories, and don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions.

Make sure you have all the facts. Before sharing any personal or private information, make sure you’re absolutely sure it’s what they’re saying.

Don’t send money before you meet in person. When money is exchanged, it’s a violation of your privacy and money laundering will be easier.


Another reason why people in Nigeria scam in their professional life, is because Nigerians lack social skills. They don’t really get to know a person before getting into a relationship. As a result, Nigerian men and women aren’t able to know each other well before getting into a relationship. This lack of emotional intelligence and communication skills may also be a contributing factor. Most Nigerian romance scam victims are women. According to the American Center for the Abolition of Family Violence, the majority of victims of romance scams in the US are women and the gender split for online dating fraud is around 60-40 percent female. The gender breakdown of romance scams tends to reflect the demographic makeup of the users who frequent dating websites and apps.