Fund Recovery

Explanation of the Issue

The victims are deceived by scammers into thinking that the money they send to the scammers will be used in the names of others. But they are told the money will be safe as it will be delivered by an official company in a safe way. They are even told the company they’re sending money to is a reliable company which they can trust, however, they were told wrong. The scammer will threaten the victims by stating that if they don’t pay the money quickly, their family members and friends will be arrested.

Section 2: The Current Solutions

Though there are not many types of scams online, there are a lot of ways to identify the above types. First, let’s start with bank fraud. Banks and credit card companies do not make a habit of charging the wrong people with fake account.

How to Prevent and Protect Yourself

When working with a lawyer and getting a copy of your report, be sure to be on the lookout for potential fraud or unapproved charges to your credit. You can also take the following precautions:

Watch your card statements carefully: Never leave any checks or charges lying around for someone else to find. Always check to ensure the card or the statement is not declined. You can even call your bank and verify the amount of your transactions by calling the 1-877 number on the back of the card, or through the app on the card.

Contact your credit card company immediately: If you spot any unusual activity, contact your credit card company and alert them of what you’ve seen. A quick phone call can make all the difference.

What to Do If You’ve Been Scammed

If you’ve been scammed and are now trying to recover the money, one of the most important things you can do is make sure your local law enforcement has the official case numbers of these scammers. Also, make sure to keep track of anything you’ve provided to the fraudsters.

Make sure you report it to as many websites as possible:



Credit bureaus:

Better Business Bureau:

Directly to the Federal Trade Commission:

If you’ve provided any information on these criminals online or via phone, do so again.

Fund Recovery Companies and How They Can Help

There are three important factors to consider when trying to recover stolen funds:

1. Don’t Trust Anyone With Your Funds

One of the most important things to keep in mind when recovering funds is to not trust anyone with your funds and any details related to them. This is your money and anything that happens to it, including having someone else access it, is theft.

There are a number of different companies in the industry that are there to protect you against such attacks and to make sure that you get back the money you’ve lost. At NeverGiveUp, we will always give you 100% confidence in our ability to recover any of your funds. Our no-fee recovery process is our secret sauce to saving you money in your recovery process.

There are several ways to recover funds.