Fund Recovery Review

What are Fund Recovery Companies?

According to popularly-known fund recovery firms, the company does not “mulch and bury” the stolen funds that it restores. Instead, it regularly reviews and analyzes the status of the funds, assigns it to the right claimants, and handles each claim in a diligent manner. The company never seems to go on an extended break because of the huge backlog, as many consumers seek it out. It is true that there are some firms that don’t invest in staff, funding, or infrastructure, but if the firm at any time becomes irresponsible or the majority of the people to contact them are from scam cases, the risk of going to anyplace else becomes less and less.

Section 2: How to Find a Good Fund Recovery Company?

1. There are several online sources that list reliable fund recovery firms.

What are the Different Types of Funds Recovery Firms?

As long as your funds are insured, you can expect to recover your account from the online extortionist, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. The recovery process is long and tedious and requires a lot of work, patience, and above all, luck. As far as legal frameworks in the US are concerned, the one that governs when a creditor can charge a funds recovery firm to recover your stolen funds is the Lanham Act. The first part of this law provides protection when someone reclaims something that was stolen from them, such as items of jewelry or a house or vehicle, and that they pay for it. However, the second part of the law allows creditors to charge any sums they deem fit to recover stolen funds.

Recovery Timeline

After you’ve been defrauded and stolen from, you have three to five days to report the fraud to the police and the person who stole your funds. If you have a hard time recalling your lost funds, you should first make a note of the transaction ID on your bank account statement. All of your payments should be documented and specific. The police will be able to help if you can show them the specific purchase order and relevant receipts.

You have also three days to fill in the theft report and secure your rights against the thief. This involves gathering all your information and submitting it to the police. In most instances, the thief will agree to a monetary settlement if you can show sufficient evidence of how they breached your trust.

How Do You Find a Reputable Fund Recovery Company?

Finding the right recovery company is the key to recovering lost money from a hacker. And the best way to do that is by contacting reputable companies and asking them questions that would help you determine their credibility. An important question to ask is how they would treat your case. Some companies will take your money and run, whereas others will try to work out a solution.

Should You Hire a Fund Recovery Firm or Pursue Legal Remedies?

The decision to hire an online scam recovery firm or pursuing legal remedies to claim your losses is highly dependent on several factors, such as the severity of the fraud, where you live, your financial standing, your personality, and a few more.

In general, online fraud victims who seek financial restitution may use fund recovery companies to reclaim their stolen funds. However, in some cases, you may be advised to pursue legal remedies to recover your funds instead. However, this could be costly as you will have to hire a lawyer as well as paying fees in order to get your money back.

These reasons make the choice of using fund recovery companies to recover your money a no-brainer.


Fraud in the crypto-currency world is less dramatic compared to traditional crimes. However, it is still a crime. In some cases, it can even lead to serious jail sentences. You should be careful what you trade because you have no idea if the platform you’re using will give you a return on your investment or it will also steal from you.